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That time of Year Again!

Fall Collection

Yes, it’s that time of year again!  Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – holidays that mean so much to so many.  It’s also a special presidential election year.  We’re strong believers that all registered voters need to actively promote voter registration and participation as exemplified by our Fall lineup of unique gift items.

Check out our unique novelty product designs at our affiliated Redbubble and Amazon shops. Motivation and inspiration always serve as our design spirit guides!  So, take a retail study break, do a little shopping, and then make sure you, your friends and family members are registered to vote!

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Our product designs reflect a variety of  adulting responsibilities college students are now in the process of assuming.  Motivation and inspiration are our key design drivers. Supporting their undergraduate and graduate journeys is what we do best! And, as our product designs evolve, we’ll continue to raise their awareness for the need for them to pursue and persevere in achieving their college and career goals.

College student Classic-t-shirt
College student Active-t-shirt
College Student Hoodie

New Product Designs

Our Redbubble Shop Specials

Kid Small-mask
College student Graphic-t-shirt
College student Magnet
College student Premium-t-shirt
College Student iphone-soft-case
College student Baseball-¾-sleeve-t-shirt
College student Pad-skin
College student Fitted-v-neck-t-shirt

Redbubble and Amazon

We are affiliates with both Redbubble and Amazon.  This allows us to create specific College Success Life gift designs for your pleasure and enjoyment.  Again, motivation and inspiration are our design spirit guides.

Our Blog Elfs work diligently to bring you as much as FREE content as possible.  Our ultimate joy is helping you achieve your college and career goals.

And, as a result, our blog site is partially supported by our affiliate links with Redbubble and Amazon Associates. 

If you purchase via our images/links, we may make a referral fee – at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting our free content!  And share, share, share!


College Student Shopping

Our Amazon Get Out The Vote Designs

College student Mulligan T-Shirt
College student Classic-t-shirt
College student
College student Classic T Chirt
College Students T's
College student Classic T Shirt

Our Amazon and Redbubble Consumer Practices

The Amazon and Redbubble marketplaces are a couple of fun, consumer oriented shopping meccas.  Both Amazon and Redbubble stand behind any product and/or service they offer.

That includes:
: Sends gifts directly to recipient
: Hosts a gift guide
: Offers digital gift cards
: Accepts returns & makes exchanges
: Has a consumer focused Return Policy
: Ships items usually within 24 to 48 hrs

So, if you’re looking for a special gift for that special someone, then get thee to our Amazon and Redbubble Gift Shops and make that meaningful selection!

Thanks for Stopping By…Come Again!

So far, this has been an unbelievable year for most Americans. Covid19 has disrupted so much for so many. However, try not to become too disheartened. Change requires creativity and patience.

Make sure you adhere to the CDC Covid-19 and Flu guidelines. Consult reliable information sources.  Listening to gossip and hearsay is not a beneficial survival strategy for anyone. Always find out the facts first and then make an informed decision.

Regardless of the current circumstances, hope, understanding, and perseverance can facilitate the eventual change needed for our re-emergence as a thriving democratic society!

Have a blessed, balanced, and healthy rest of 2020!


College Coaches

Disclaimer Reminder: A college student's first line of inquiry should always be with their campus academic adviser. College Success Life Coaching Advising Sessions provide additional problem-solving options to undergraduate and graduate students for further exploration on their individual campuses. Students should always consult their assigned adviser not only during the course selection process but periodically to keep apprised of programmatic changes, testing requirements, course additions/deletions, GPA modifications, etc.

Affiliate Disclosure: Our primary goal at College Success Life is to get you access to the information you need to fulfill your college and career goals. Most of the information we provide is FREE.  Some, like recommended books, you have to purchase.  In order for us to continue to provide you with FREE College Success Life info, we include affiliate links throughout our website whereby if you purchase an item, we earn a small commission from our affiliate partner – at no cost to you.  So don’t worry, we’re very selective in choosing our affiliate partners! Thanks for supporting our FREE content. 

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