Success without support almost never happens, particularly in higher education and the world of work.

At College Success Life, our goal is to inspire, motivate, and support students’ educational and career goals.

We’re a family of first and second generation college graduates. We’ve tackled a lot of challenges. Learned a tremendous amount in terms of solving those challenges.

Now we want to share with you the “insider” information – choices, options, and opportunities – that most students do not learn until after they graduate from college.

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Dr. Lana W. Jackman

Dr. Lana W. Jackman

Founder & Executive Director Lana W. Jackman is a highly experienced higher education student services administrator.

Her experience includes serving as an associate dean of enrollment services, director of student financial aid, academic and career adviser and adjunct faculty.

As a first-generation college graduate, Dr. Jackman knows a few “insider tips and strategies” to help learners pursue college and career success.

She is a firm believer that having access to educational opportunity is the fundamental right of every American.

Philip S. Jackman

Philip S. Jackman

Lead Developer and COO, a second-generation college graduate, Phil majored in sociology at the University of Connecticut at Storrs.

He took several post-graduate courses in business management at Harvard University.

Phil has spent the last several years working in the banking industry in New York City.

Before that, he developed an eclectic CRM background in digital marketing sales.


Helping all types of learners to navigate successfully our higher education system is what we do best!

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