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We’re currently experiencing a worldwide #coronavirus pandemic. It’s times like these that we need to be very mindful of the validity of our information sources and resources.

Have some questions, issues, or concerns…then begin your search with these valid information resources.

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I’m Dr. Lana.


Finding college a challenge? 

Ever wish you had an academic coach to help you reach your full potential, someone who can help you examine academic concerns and perceived barriers to success?

You haven’t really been able to connect with your campus academic adviser yet.

And you would really like to have someone in your corner who can work individually with you, not only helping you to assess your strengths and needs, but also devising your own personalized plan of action.

Well, that’s exactly what we love to do here at College Success Life, helping students achieve their college and career goals! 

We have a long track record of college and career advising at both private and public higher ed institutions, on the undergraduate as well as graduate level.

Helping students stay on track to graduation and connect with appropriate resources is what we do best!

What’s our motive??

We really enjoy helping all types of students achieve their college and career goals by sharing ideas, assessing options, revealing “hidden” opportunities, and highlighting free resources.

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Understanding how a college works is not necessarily an intuitive experience. 

Just Ask Yourself…

  • Wow, why was I so overwhelmed by New Student Orientation?
  • Am I taking the classes I need to graduate on time?
  • How am I going to handle my challenging classes?
  • Have I really taken advantage of academic advising/student success services?

Having trouble answering any of the above questions?  If there is anything we can do to help, then let us know.

We so enjoy sharing the information we’ve learned about college success to help you see the big picture when it comes to planning your future!

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A Disclaimer Reminder: A college student’s first line of inquiry should always be with their campus academic adviser. College Success Life Advising Sessions provide additional problem-solving options to undergraduate and graduate students for further exploration on their individual campuses. Students should always consult their assigned adviser not only during the course selection process but periodically to keep apprised of programmatic changes, testing requirements, course additions/deletions, GPA modifications, etc.