#Collegestudents….the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. has caused colleges and universities around the country to suspend in-person class attendance and substitute online class activities instead.

Most of you are in a mental state of limbo when it comes to thinking about how best to function for the rest of this semester.

You had academic deadlines to meet, research papers due, and final exams on the horizon.

Colleges and universities are sending out all kinds of information to help you make the best choices during this very unsettling period.

What the future holds is really a day to day affair.

And you have to recognize the fact that although you may consider yourself in a low risk category, many of you have parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles who may not be.  You can be a carrier and not have symptoms.

Thus, the coronavirus (covid-19) is extremely contagious as evidenced by the World Health Organization’s declaration of it as worldwide pandemic.semester interruptus

With that said, what to do about your individual academic responsibilities most likely is a major concern to you.

#CollegeSuccessLife has three recommendations you need to consider:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, develop an ongoing communication relationship with your academic and/or faculty adviser. Share your concerns and seek advice on any outstanding issue that is currently elevating your blood pressure. At the moment, they’re your best resource in seeking information that will help you solve your immediate as well as long-term academic concerns.
  2. In terms of meeting certain academic requirements such as research projects, papers, or final exam study strategies, add your college reference librarian to the top of that list. They are the masters of the information universe and can provide you with invaluable feedback in finding solutions during your problem solving activities.
  3. And lastly, if you are a financial aid recipient and are experiencing financial difficulties contact your financial aid adviser and share your concerns asap.

semester interruptusWe’re living in very difficult times, fraught with unpredictable unknowns.

So it’s incumbent upon you to adopt an informed citizen perspective and use regularly valid sources of information to solve your information challenges. Acting upon rumors and undocumented speculation can be harmful.

At #CollegeSuccessLife, we strongly believe that “to know is to have choice”.  You can always send us a question/concern below and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Remember,  it’s always in your best interest to align yourself with the folks in the know – your academic adviser, your college reference librarian, and us, of course!

semester interruptus

A Word to the Wise...

An Academic Pearl of Wisdom

Whenever a college student faces an academic and/or social challenge, they often ask a peer or a friend first for advice.

And that’s okay.

However, resolving the issue to your best advantage often requires consulting with an academic advising professional as well.

Your academic adviser knows the campus academically, administratively, and socially.

And what they don’t know, they can point you to the person who does know. Include this strategy in your current plan for college success.

And we're always available to help as well!


Academic Advising

Disclaimer Reminder: A college student's first line of inquiry should always be with their campus academic adviser. College Success Life Advising Sessions provide additional problem-solving options to undergraduate and graduate students for further exploration on their individual campuses. Students should always consult their assigned adviser not only during the course selection process but periodically to keep apprised of programmatic changes, testing requirements, course additions/deletions, GPA modifications, etc.

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