The Gold Standard for Academic Success – Information Literacy

When you hear the words information literacy, doesn’t the internet and Google come to mind?

However, did you know that it’s estimated that Google actually accesses less than 4% of all the information now available on the internet today?

And that the Deep Web is 400-500 larger than the freely accessible internet!

Now think about that for a moment…information literacy

Whaaaaat…you are probably saying to yourself!

That’s why, as a college student, it’s super important for you to develop information literacy skills so you can compete in today’s highly competitive job market.

And who are the best educators when it comes to information literacy practice – your campus reference librarian!

Information Literacy Workforce Skills

So, succeeding in higher education and/or even in today’s workplace requires two things:

Actually developing information literacy skills will enhance both your analytical and digital capabilities.

If you want to flourish in today’s academic, workplace, and fake news environments, then you need to become a proficient information literacy practitioner.

See if you can relate to the student scenario below. And take a few minutes to view the video as well.

Both will expand your desire to engage in information literacy practice as you evolve as a workplace professional.

Student Information Literacy Scenario

You’re unfamiliar with the subject matter in a course you’re taking to satisfy a social science graduation requirement.Information Literacy Skills

And you have to write a 20-page research paper on a topic of your choice.

You’re unsure about what topic to select because you really are having a hard time understanding the lectures and the subject matter overall.

Also, the language of the assigned textbook is just not helpful, often confusing, as is the corresponding course information resources packet.

What to do… get thee, ASAP, to a campus reference librarian and discuss your project, develop a strategy, and complete it to the best of your ability!

In addition, pay a visit to your campus’ Writing Center and set up a schedule with a writing tutor. The skills you’ll learn will last you a lifetime.

#1 Skill for Academic and Professional Success

Research SkillsYou’re in college for one reason…to learn a broad array of skills.

Information literacy is perhaps one of, if not the most important in terms of achieving success in college and the workplace.

Listen and think about how you can best integrate this phenomenal strategy within your own personal skill set.

And don’t forget to share it with your peers, friends, and family…passing it forward!


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