5 Keys to College Academic Success

Updated April, 2022

Your success in college depends on how well you learn the rules and play the game…just like any sport.

You’re the captain of your academic support team.

And to win the championship (your degree), you need informed players on your team, like academic advisers, who know the real “ins and outs” of the graduation game.

So let’s get you started by viewing this video.

And then you’ll need to investigate the availability of the 5 keys on your campus.

Once that’s complete, your next step is to have an academic success strategy chat with your academic adviser.

Or you can take advantage of our FREE 30 minute academic coaching session…and we’ll help you get started.

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A Word to the Wise...

An Academic Pearl of Wisdom

Whenever a college student faces an academic and/or social challenge, they often ask a peer or a friend first for advice.

And that’s okay.

However, resolving the issue to your best advantage often requires consulting with an academic advising professional as well.

Your academic adviser knows the campus academically, administratively, and socially.

And what they don’t know, they can point you to the person who does know. Include this strategy in your current plan for college success.

And we're always available to help as well!


Academic Advising

Disclaimer Reminder: A college student's first line of inquiry should always be with their campus academic adviser. College Success Life Advising Sessions provide additional problem-solving options to undergraduate and graduate students for further exploration on their individual campuses. Students should always consult their assigned adviser not only during the course selection process but periodically to keep apprised of programmatic changes, testing requirements, course additions/deletions, GPA modifications, etc.

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