Congresswoman Katie Porter – A Role Model to Follow?

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A Role Model to Follow?

If you don’t know Congresswoman Katie Porter, then it’s about time you should.Congresswoman Katie Porter

Katie Porter has many titles – a single Mom, a Harvard trained lawyer, an academic, a Democrat and a Congresswoman representing the Republican enclave of Orange County in California, to name a few.

If you haven’t seen her in action during her congressional interviews of titans of financial industry and social media, then you’re missing a master craftswoman of the people at work.

And, at a recent appearance on Showtime’s Desus and Mero Show, Congresswoman Porter demonstrated another title…that of citizen extraordinaire.

What, on earth, does that mean?!

Well, in a very engaging and provocative Desus and Mero interview, Congresswoman Porter articulated the importance of being a U.S. citizen, something that many Americans seem to be taking for granted these days.

Congresswoman Porter believes that, in a democracy, each citizen has a teaching and learning responsibility. And each citizen should apply that responsibility in service to their country.

That perspective certainly can be accomplished in a variety of ways. But, for Congresswoman Porter, the bottom line is that, if you cannot do anything else, then you can do your basic civic duty and VOTE.

So why is she a citizen extraordinaire – because she describes the complexity of managing her multi-faceted roles and, in doing so, that love of country is her prime motivator!

…Citizen Extraordinaire

The level of Congresswoman Porter’s sincerity is strikingly refreshing in comparison to the current climate of national political discourse.

In recent years, Republican and Democratic Party politics and antics have diminished significantly the desire of the American people to take seriously the role of civic responsibility.

A national apathetic sentiment seems to be permeating our entire ecosystem, saying…“Awww, let the other guy do it, my vote doesn’t really count anyways.”

Congresswoman Katie Porter’s earnest and simplistic explanation of how she views her civic responsibility blows that argument right out of the water.

If we’re going to survive this pandemic, our national political quagmire, and return to some semblance of a normality, then we have to, at least, educate ourselves about the issues, make a concerted effort to verify fact from fiction and bottom-line – VOTE!

We encourage you to view Congresswoman Porter’s Desus and Mero interview below.

Not familiar with Desus and Mero? Let’s just say they leave no stone unturned!

At the end of each show, Desus and Mero always ask their guest what would they like their neon sign to say…hers was “No Bullshit!”

So listen closely to Congresswoman Porter’s words. As for her deeds, check out her congressional record.

Then reflect on how you’re going to make your civic contribution and incorporate voting into your civic duty master plan agenda.

And, in today’s topsy turvy political environment, always, always, remember… Watch What They Do, Not What They Say!


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