New Student Orientation In The New Normal

This year’s college orientation process was not exactly what you had in mind when you first applied to college.

Regrettably, life as you once dreamed of as a new college student no longer represents your current reality.

As a matter of fact, it’s quite disappointing!

Yet, the horrendous impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to change drastically our entire way of life as we’ve known it… including New Student Orientation.

And So It Begins…

By now, on most colleges and university campuses, new student orientation process has already begun and, most likely, will continue through the start of the fall semester.

Many colleges and universities will begin their programs online.

And as you scroll through your online new student orientation program, you begin to shake your head, wondering how in the world are you going to succeed in this new environment.

Transitioning into this new culture will definitely be challenging, but you can do it!

You’ll find that the language used is new, the process itself often confusing, and the virtual get to know you experience may be just a little too warm and fuzzy.

Online student orientation is certainly no substitute for actual physical campus engagement and interaction.

But, nevertheless, you persevere.

And you read on…

You keep asking yourself,

“How am I going to find my way through this dense fog of foreign information and achieve my academic goals….I just want to graduate in 4 years!”

Student Orientation
new student orientation

Academic Adviser To The Rescue

If you’re having any of the above feelings or concerns, all types of campus student support personnel will be available to assist you throughout the process.

They are extremely empathetic to your plight as a new student and are working diligently to ease your transition into your new campus community as best as they possibly can.

One of the key student support professionals you need to connect with immediately is your academic adviser.

They know everything and everyone you need to know in order to be successful in achieving your academic and career goals.

And, by chance, if they don’t know, then they can point you in the right direction to find out who does.

DespairSo Throw Despair Out The Window…

FYI – Not all college orientation programs are the same. So stay focused on your particular institution and its requirements.

Once you familiarize yourself with your online new student orientation program, your next step should be to find out who will be your academic adviser.

Most institutions, however, will assign an adviser to you to guide you through the orientation and course registration process.

The sooner you find out who that is, the more informed and better equipped you’ll be to navigate more successfully in your new environment!

In the meantime, let’s pray that the pandemic has a short shelf life and that 2021 will be one of our best years ever!


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An Academic Pearl of Wisdom

Whenever a college student faces an academic and/or social challenge, they often ask a peer or a friend first for advice. And that’s okay.

However, resolving the issue to your best advantage often requires consulting with an academic advising professional as well.

Your academic adviser knows the campus academically, administratively, and socially.

And what they don’t know, they can point you to the person who does know.  Include this strategy in your current plan for college success.

And we're always available to help as well!

Disclaimer Reminder: A college student's first line of inquiry should always be with their campus academic adviser. College Success Life Coaching Advising Sessions provide additional problem-solving options to undergraduate and graduate students for further exploration on their individual campuses. Students should always consult their assigned adviser not only during the course selection process but periodically to keep apprised of programmatic changes, testing requirements, course additions/deletions, GPA modifications, etc.

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